You can find a list of my patents at the European Patent Office using this link.

Doctoral Thesis

Investigations on Spatial Sound Design Based on Measured Room Impulses, Ph.D. Thesis, Detlft University of Technology, 2011 TU Delft Library or  PDF.


Book Chapter

“Platform Independent Audio”, Ben Shirley, Rob Oldfield, Frank Melchior and Johann-Markus Batke, in Media Production, Delivery and Interaction for Platform Independent Systems, Wiley 2014

Conference Papers

M. Armstrong, M. Brooks, A. Churnside, M. Evans, F. Melchior, M. Shotton, Object-based broadcasting – curation, responsiveness and user experience, Proceedings of IBC2014, Amsterdam, September 2014.

M. Shotton, C. Pike, F.  Melchior , A Motorized Telescope Mount as A Computer-Controlled Rotational Platform for Dummy Head Measurements, presented at the 136th Audio Engineering Society Convention, April, 2014.

C. Pike, F. Melchior, T. Tew, Assessing the Plausibility of Non-Individualised Dynamic Binaural Synthesis in a Small Room, presented at the 55th Conference of the Audio Engineering Society August, 2014.

Panels and Workshops

Challenges and Opportunities in Audio for Ultra-High-Definition Television Chair: Brian McCarty, Coral Sea Studios Panelists: Ton Kalker, DTS, Frank Melchior, BBC R&D, Kazuho Ono, NHK

Applications for Object-Based Audio Chair: Bert Van Daele, Auro, Panelists: Richard Furse, Blue Ripple Sound, Ton Kalker, DTS, Frank Melchior, BBC R&D


Invited Talks

What is the quality of your experience“, presentation at Radio Festival 2013, Frank Melchior, Conference Link

Audio Objects Demystified“, presentation at EBU Production Technology Seminar 2013, Frank Melchior, Conference Link

Ultra High Definition Audio ? – Considerations for the next generation audio systems“, Frank Melchior, presented at the EBU/DVB UHDTV Fact Findings Workshop, UK, 2013

Journal Articles

Spatial Sound with Loudspeakers and its Perception: A review of the current state“, Sascha Spors, Hagen Wierstorf, Alexander Raake, Frank Melchior, Matthias Frank, Franz Zotter, accepted for publication.

Conference Papers

Object-based audio applied to football broadcast“, Mark Mann, Anthony Churnside, Andrew Bonney Frank Melchior, Proceedings of the 2013 ACM International workshop on Immersive media experience. Link

An Assessment of Virtual Surround Sound Systems for Headphone Listening of 5.1 Multichannel Audio“, Chris Pike and Frank Melchior, presented at the 134th AES Convention, Italy, 2013. AES E-Library

On the Use of a Haptic Feedback Device for Sound Source Control in Spatial Audio Systems“, Frank Melchior, Chris Pike, Matthew Brooks and Stuart Grace, presented at the 134th AES Convention, Italy, 2013. AES E-Library

Panels and Workshops

Binaural in the real world: present and future“, Panel at the EBU Immersive Audio over Headphone Workshop, Chair: Frank Melchior, Panelists: Alexander Raake, TU Berlin, Michael Meier, IRT, Rozenn Nicol, Orange Labs, Olivier Warusfel, IRCAM, Conference Link



Emerging Technology Trends in Spatial Audio“, Frank Melchior, Anthony Churnside, Sascha Spors, SMPTE Mot. Imag J.September 1, 2012 vol. 121 no. 6 95-100, Abstract

Invited Talks

Applications of Digital Audio Effects in Broadcast: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow“, Keynote, DAFx12 Frank Melchior, Conference LinkPDF


3D sound: listening to the future“, Interview together with Chris Pike in TVBEurope, Link


What does an object sound like? Towards a common definition of spatial audio objects“, Workshop at the 133rd AES Convention, San Francisco, Chair: Frank Melchior, Panelists: Jean-Marc Jot, Jürgen Herre, Hagen Wierstorf, Nicolas Tsingos, Abstract

Open questions in spatial audio“, Workshop at the 132nd AES Convention, Budapest, Chair: Karlheinz Brandenburg, Panelists: David Griesinger, Frank Melchior, Michael Werner, Abstract

Spatial sound reproduction with height: Why, where, how and when ?
Workshop at the 132nd AES Convention, Budapest
Chairs: Florian Völk and Frank Melchior; Panelists: Jan-Mark Batke, Technicolor, Kimio HamasakiMichael KellyStephan MauerNorbert NiemczykJan PlogstiesNicolas Tsingos, Abstract

Conference papers

Design and Integration of a 3D WFS System in a Cinema Environment Including Ceiling Speakers – A Case Study” Stephan Mauer, Frank Melchior, Martin Dausel, Paper presented at the DAGA 2012, Darmstadt, Germany

The Reactive Source: A Reproduction Format Agnostic and Adaptive Spatial Audio Effect“, Frank Melchior, Paper presented at the 133rd AES Convention, San Francisco, USA, Abstract


Invited talk: “Wave Field Synthesis: From Theory to Application”, Frank Melchior, Plenary talk at the International Conference on Spatial Audio Detmold, 2011 PDF

“Perceptual Evaluation of a Spatial Audio Algorithm Based on Wave Field Synthesis Using a Reduced Number of Loudspeakers”, Frank Melchior, Udo Heusinger,  Judith Liebetrau, Paper presented at the 131st AES Convention 2011, AES E-Lib

“Spatial Mastering – a new concept for spatial sound design in object-based audio scene”, Frank Melchior, Uwe Michaelis, Robert Steffens, Paper presented at the ICMC 2011 PDF

Production for Upcoming Spatial Audio Systems
Workshop at the 130th AES Convention, London
Chair: Frank Melchior
Panelists: Marc Emerit, Kimio Hamasaki, Jeff Levison, Jörn Loviscach, Wieslaw Woszcyk, Gregor Zielinsky

Design and Realization of a Reference Class Loudspeaker Panel for Wave Field Synthesis” Stephan Mauer, Frank Melchior presented at the 130th AES Convention, London.

A Novel Framework for Simulation and Auralization of Massive Multichannel Systemst“, Frank Melchior, Lutz Altman, Annika Neidhardt, J.R. Menzinger, Stephan Mauer Paper presented at DAGA, Düsseldorf 2011


3D Audio – einfach nur ein Kanal dazu ? Ein universelles objektbasiertes Audioformat“, Frank Melchior, Thomas Sporer, Paper presented at VDT International Convention, Leipzig 2010

Spatial Audio – From Theory to Production“, Frank Melchior, Jens Ahrens and Sascha Spors, Tutorial presented at the 129th AES Convention, San Francisco 2010

3D Sound” Kazuho Ono, Thomas Sporer, Diemer de Vries, Kimio Hamasaki, Shiro Ise, Toshiyuki Kimura, Frank Melchior, Sascha Spors, Workshop at the 40th AES Conference, Tokyo 2010

Design and Implementation of an Interactive Room Simulation for Wave Field Synthesis” Frank Melchior, Christoph Sladeczek, Andreas Partzsch, Sandra Brix, Paper presented at the 40th AES Conference, Tokyo 2010

Spatial Audio – From Theory to Production“, Frank Melchior and Sascha Spors, Tutorial presented ath the 128th AES Convention, London 2010

“Wave Field Synthesis and Object-Based Mixing for Motion Picture Sound” Frank Melchior, SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal Vol 119, No. 3, April 2010

“Untersuchungen zur Wahrnehmung früher Deckenreflexionen” Frank Melchior, Fritz Gries, Udo Heusinger, Judith Liebetrau , presented at the DAGA, Berlin 2010


“Spatial Audio Authoring for Ambisonics Reproduction” Frank Melchior, Andreas Gräfe, Andreas Partzsch , presented at the 1st Ambisonics Symposium, Graz 2009

User Interfaces for Spatial Sound Design Frank Melchior, Lutz Altmann, presented at the 1st WFS Symposium HFM Detmold, Detmold 2009

Spherical Array Systems – On the Effect of Measurement Errors in Terms of Perceived Auralization Quality Frank Melchior, Diemer de Vries, Sandra Brix, Kuang Zheng, presented at the NAG/DAGA, Rotterdam 2009


“Mer losse d’r Dom en Kölle” Weltpremiere einer Wellenfeldsynthese Live-Übertragung Hans Schlosser, Frank Melchior, Jörn Nettingsmeier, Stefan Weinzierl, Workshop at VDT International Convention, Leipzig 2008

Neue Entwicklungen im Bereich der Wellenfeldsynthese Chair: Diemer de Vries Panel: Rudolf Rabenstein, Frank Melchior, Stefan Weinzierl, Renato Pellegrini, Sascha Spors, Jose Javier Lopez, Günther Theile, Roundtable at VDT International Convention, Leipzig 2008

Frank Melchior, Diemer de Vries
Spatial sound design: From special effects to spatial effects presented at VDT International Convention, Leipzig 2008

Florian Walter, Frank Melchior
On the measurement of electro acoustic enhanced sound fields, presented at the 124th AES Convention, Amsterdam 2008

Frank Melchior, Christoph Sladeczek, Diemer de Vries, Bernd Fröhlich
User-dependent optimization of wave field synthesis reproduction for directive sound fields, , presented at the 124th AES Convention, Amsterdam 2008

Frank Melchior, Diemer de Vries
On the visualization and modification of room impulse responses for sound design, DAGA 2008, Dresden, Germany

Frank Melchior, Diemer de Vries
On the perception of reflections from directive sources in binaural simulations, DAGA 2008, Dresden, Germany


Frank Melchior, Diemer de Vries
Plane wave decomposition as a tool for interactive modification of measured sound fields and their adaptation to different reproduction systems, 19th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON ACOUSTICS, Madrid, Spain, 2007


Frank Melchior, Jens-Oliver Fischer, Diemer de Vries
Audiovisual Perception using Wave Field Synthesis in Combination with Augmented Reality Systems: Horizontal Positioning, , 28th International AES Conference

Frank Melchior, Jan Langhammer, Diemer de Vries
A New Approach for Direct Interaction with Graphical Representations of Room Impulse Responses for the Use in Wave Field Synthesis Reproduction, , 120th AES Convention

Frank Melchior, Martin Dausel, Joachim Deguara, Gabriel Gatzsche, Katrin Reichelt, Michael Strauss
Universal System for Spatial Sound Reinforcement in Theatres and Large Venues – System Design and User Interface, , 120th AES Convention

Dirk Oschlies, Bernhard Albrecht, Frank Melchior, Diemer de Vries
Arraytechnologie in der objektorientierten Audioproduktion, 51. Internationales Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium (IWK), 2006 September 11-15, Ilmenau, Germany

Oschlies, Dirk; Albrecht, Bernhard; Melchior, Frank; de Vries, Diemer
Simulationsumgebung für Mikrophonarrays in der Musikaufnahme, DAGA 2006, Braunschweig

Roundtable Wellenfelsynthese: Stand der Technik und Blick in die Zukunft
Chair: Diemer de Vries (Delft University of Technology)
Panel: Etienne Corteel (IRCAM, Paris), Jürg Jecklin (Univ. f. Musik & Kunst, Wien), Frank Melchior (Fraunhofer IDMT), Renato Pellegrini (SonicEmotion), Axel Sommerfeld (Deutschlandradio Kultur), Stefan Weinzierl (TU Berlin), Helmut Wittek (Schoeps Mikrofone GmbH)

Detektion und Visualisierung früher Reflexionen zur Anwendung in der Klanggestaltung für Wellenfeldsynthese, Frank Melchior, Diemer de Vries, 24th Tonmeistertagung, Leipzig


Jacques, Roland; Albrecht, Bernhard; Schade, Hans-Peter; de Vries, Diemer; Melchior, Frank:
Multichannel Source Directivity Recording in an Anechoic Chamber
and in a Studio
, Forum Acusticum, Aug. 29 – Sept. 2, 2005, Budapest, Hungary

Melchior, Frank; Brix, Sandra; de Vries, Diemer (TU Delft):
Zur Kombination von Wellenfeldsynthese mit monoskopischer
und stereoskopischer Bildwiedergab
e, DAGA 2005,
14.3. – 17.3.2005, München

Melchior, Frank; Laubach, Tobias; de Vries, Diemer:
Authoring and User Interaction for the Production of Wave Field
Synthesis Content in an Augmented Reality System
Oct. 5 – 8, 2005, Vienna, Austria


Wagner, Andreas; Walther, Andreas; Melchior, Frank; Strauß, Michael:
Generation of Highly Immersive Atmospheres for Wave Field Synthesis Reproduction, 116th International AES Convention,
8.5 .- 11.5.2004, Berlin


Melchior, Frank; Roeder, Thomas; Wabrik; Brix, Sandra; Riegel, Christian:
Authoring Systems for Wave Field Synthesis Content Production, 115th AES Convention, Oct. 10 – 13, 2003

Melchior, Frank; Brix, Sandra; Roeder, Thomas; Sporer, Thomas; Klehs, Beate:
Wave Field Synthesis in Combination with 2D Video Projection, 24th AES Conference in Banff, June 26 – 28, 2003 Canada


Beckinger, Michael; Melchior, Frank; Röder Thomas:
Anwendung von Wellenfeldsynthes
e für den Filmton, 22. Tonmeistertagung, 22.11. – 25.11.2002, Hannover

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